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US Map: States & Cities Guide

US Map: States & Cities Guide
The most detailed map of the United States available which can be folded and stored in a standard-size notebook. The 6 laminated pages are spill and rip-proof which include an 11" x 17" map and 4 pages of state facts. An essential tool for school at any level, this map will last and last no matter how much it is used.

Suggested uses:
- Students - a map you can keep handy from elementary school through college, since the lamination will last a lifetime
- Professors - adopt this map for your course as an inexpensive supplement that the student will use for years to come
- Teachers - a map that can be purchased for a class set that will last your entire career
- Parents - instill knowledge and interest in our country, inspire travel, and connect family history to the places on the map
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