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Textbook Buyback

There are two ways to sell back your textbooks:

  • In Store at University Books & More on the Oshkosh campus
  • Virtual Textbook Buyback - scroll for more info
In-Person Textbook Buyback on the Oshkosh Campus

Upcoming Textbook
Buyback Dates

May 13 - 16 8am-6pm
May 17 8am-5pm

Titan ID Required

What's Buyback?

Put some money back in your pocket - sell your textbooks back to the bookstore. What other items can be purchased, used for a semester, and then sold back to the store for cash? Not much comes to mind, we have textbook buyback at the end of every semester - right here on campus!

Located at the windows across from UW Credit Union in Reeve Union.

No matter where you bought your books, bring them to University Books & More Textbook Buyback!*

Getting cash for books is easy:

  1. At the end of each term or semester, University Books & More holds Textbook Buyback. Dates are listed above on this page, and also on the bottom of our refund policy, which you received with your book purchase.
  2. Typically you'll find buyback at the windows in the front hallway of Reeve Memorial Union on the Oshkosh campus, near the Algoma Blvd. entrance.
  3. Please have removed any notes or personal belongings from any books. Present your Titan ID card to the buyer. Present your books and possibly get money.
  4. Have books from previous semesters? You can bring those to textbook buyback, too! Books do not have to be from the current semester. We highly encourage you to bring in books from the last few semesters as some classes are only taught every other term. If we aren't in need of the books, our buyback servicer may purchase them for other schools.

*Buyback of individual titles is not guaranteed, and is based on future class usage and demand.

Pretty simple, right? Learn more about how buyback works:

If your professor has told us that your book will be used for an upcoming semester, you can get as much as 50% of the book's new price - whether you bought it new or used. If we haven't heard from the professor about your book, you might still get money for it, but maybe not as much. It depends on the national demand for the book, and whether it's an older edition of the title.

To get the maximum value for the book, hang on to all CDs, disks, and supplement pieces you bought with your book. If you bought a package set of books, we might need all the pieces for the next semester - and we might not buy incomplete sets.

Sorry - we cannot accept books with broken bindings, missing pages, liquid or other damage making it unable to be re-used. Digital course materials that have been accessed are also not accepted. If you wouldn't want to buy it, chances are we won't either.

Don't worry if you can't find your receipt - textbook buyback is different from a textbook refund. Since we're buying the book and not granting a refund, no receipt is necessary.

Virtual Textbook Buyback
For our access campus students and those that cannot make it to the Oshkosh campus, we have partnered with Texas Book Company to provide a virtual buying option. TBC is a wholesale book supplier that purchases books for schools across the country.
The link below will take you to their site where they will provide quotes on the books you wish to sell:
Click to go to the TBC Virtual Buyback website
Please note: for the books that you decide to sell, you will receive a free shipping label and the books will be shipped to TBC - not University Books & More