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The study of the vast majority of living organisms, which happen to be smaller than the eye can see. This reference answers the most important questions that form the foundation of Microbiology within 6 laminated pages. Author, professor and researcher in the filed of Biology Dr. Frank Miskevich produced this fact-filled reference to support students at any level. Carry this core material in a handy format to use beyond the course and into higher level and career courses, then even further into your working life as a refresher. With many diagrams in a small package, you will not need to crack the textbook to review and refresh to boost test scores and retention for the lowest price you will see for such an effective tool.
6-page laminated guide includes:
  • Organisms & Evolution
  • Bacteria
  • Archaea
  • Eukaryotes
  • Viruses
  • Shapes & Types - with illustrations
  • Bacterial & Archeal Cell Shapes
  • Growth Characteristics
  • Eukaryotic Types
  • Microbiological Methods
  • Safety First
  • Microscopy & Staining (illustration)
  • Culture Media, Colonies & Streaking
  • Replication & Reproduction
  • DNA Replication (illustration)
  • Asexual Fungal Replication (illustration)
  • Sexual Fungal Reproduction
  • Microbial Growth Phases
  • Viral Replication
  • Metabolism
  • Energy Sources
  • Glycolysis & Gluconeogenesis (illustration)
  • Fermentation or Krebs Cycle
  • Electron Transport Chain (illustration)
  • Photosynthesis Light & Dark Reactions (illustration)
  • Specialized Metabolism
  • Central Dogma
  • DNA is Transcribed into RNA
  • Types of RNA
  • mRNA is Translated into Proteins
  • Bacterial Gene Regulation
  • Beneficial or Pathogenic?
  • Bacteria in Food Preparation
  • Koch's Postulates to Identify Pathogens
  • Zoonotic Pathogens
  • Human Microbes
  • Industrial Microbes
  • Immunity & Resistance
  • Adaptive Immune System
  • Innate Immune System
  • Antibiotics
  • Drugs Against Other Microbes (illustrations)

  • Suggested uses:
  • Students - especially relevant for those majoring in science or a health care related field
  • Quick Reference - instead of digging into the textbook to find a core answer you need while studying, use the guide to reinforce quickly and repeatedly
  • Memory - refreshing your memory repeatedly is a foundation of studying, have the core answers handy so you can focus on understanding the concepts
  • Test Prep - no student should be cramming, but if you are, there is no better tool for that final review
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