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Math Fundamentals 5: Word Problem Solving

Math Fundamentals 5: Word Problem Solving
Essential core elements of mathematics to support early learning, continued development, and as a reference to review during and after building a strong foundation. Seeing a broad overview and how the details make the math possible in just 6 pages can melt away some math phobia and will strengthen skills and grades. Written and tested in a classroom over many years, two teachers came to us with this reference they used with their students. A math textbook authoring group then expanded the series. With experts in the classroom and in textbooks developing the content, don't pass up this 6 page laminated, inexpensive tool with the power to support the core areas of math students struggle with. Check other titles in the 5-guide series for the areas of support most needed.
6 page laminated guide includes:
  • Steps to Solve Word Problems - What is the Process?
  • Tips for Understanding & Solving Word Problems
  • Word Problem Example
  • Communicating Your Answer
  • Restate the Question
  • Communicating the Process, Your Reasoning & the Answer
  • Problem-Solving Strategies
  • Make Tables, Charts, or Graphs
  • Work Backward
  • Solve with a Ratio
  • Solve a Simpler Problem
  • Solve Using Similar Figures
  • Make a Drawing
  • Find a Pattern
  • Use Logical Reasoning
  • Solve with an Equation
  • Guess & Check
  • Solve with a Proportion
  • Act it Out
  • Make an Organized List
  • Eliminate Possibilities
  • Avoiding Common Errors
  • Estimate or Actual Answer?
  • Check for Reasonable Answers
  • Know Your Formulas-or Where to Find Them!
  • Are There Multiple Answers?
  • Translating Word Problems
  • Types of Word Problems
  • Percent
  • Probability
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Average
  • Work Rate
  • Two-Variable Equations
  • Inequality
  • Three-Variable Equations
  • Mixture
  • Geometry
  • Truth Tables
  • Biconditional & Conditional Statement
  • Conjunction & Disjunction
  • Hypothesis & Conclusion
  • Converse & Inverse
  • Contrapositive
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