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Human Brain Student's Self-Test Coloring Book

Human Brain Student's Self-Test Coloring Book
Anyone who requires detailed knowledge of the structures and functions of the human brain needs this self-test coloring book. It includes more than 350 illustrations that give a sharp and realistic view of the human brain and nervous system, examining its constituent parts and how they all work. The physical task of coloring in the illustrations makes an impression on your mind, allowing you to remember the shape, location, and purpose of each part of the brain.

Pages lay flat for easy coloring, labels are left blank so you can test your knowledge as you color, and answers are located at the bottom of the page. After you're finished, visualizing these areas becomes much easier, leading to greater memorization and recall. Medical and healthcare students--as well as practitioners--will want to get their hands on this concise, interactive reference to the fascinating human brain.

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