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We love providing medical professionals, nurses, and nursing students products that make their jobs or studies easier. They live to help others, so we want to help them. By popular demand, this reference guide covers an immense amount of information in 6 laminated pages that will help anyone in the medical field that works with or around the study of blood (morphology, physiology and pathology). For more, get our Pathology 1 and 2 guides, Nursing Lab Values and Lymphatic System anatomy for a set.
6-page laminated reference guide includes:
  • Hematopoiesis/Hemopoiesis
  • Organs of the Lymphatic System
  • Blood
  • Components
  • Hemostasis
  • Blood Groups
  • ABO System
  • RH System
  • Specimen Collection
  • Laboratory Assessment of Blood Formation & Disorders
  • Abnormal Blood Cell Morphology
  • Blood Disorders (over 2 full pages)
  • Suggested uses:
  • NCLEX - great for reviewing hematologic disorders leading up to the exam
  • Students - a very lightweight, inexpensive tool for boosting grades that can be slipped between your notebook pages for quick and easy answers
  • Medical Professionals - great tool to have handy for a memory jog for you or as a nursing station reference for the team
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