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Happy Zone

Happy Zone
The Happy Zone is a deep dive into the power of joy and how to bring it about. Through a combination of expert opinions, anecdotes, and quotes from ordinary people, this guidebook to the good life teaches you how to unlock the emotional states you've been craving. And with Gehrmann's straight-to-the-point insights and revealing stories, you'll soon have a greater understanding of how to conquer adversity and reclaim your smile. In The Happy Zone, you'll discover: How to stop being a spectator and become a participant in your own life; Methods to free you from the chains of the past, to help you move forward with confidence; How to spread your glowing feelings to others, and much, much more! The Happy Zone is a straightforward approach to making the most of each day. If you like story-based learning, bite-sized nuggets of wisdom, and empowering techniques, then you'll love Steve Gehrmann's handbook to the high life.
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