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GRE: Vocabulary

GRE: Vocabulary
Increase your score on the GRE with a tool that is highly portable, easy to review and less expensive than any other study aid. Vocabulary is of huge importance for reading and interpreting text then knowing and understanding context while analyzing written material. The exam features fill-in-the-blank questions where you choose the best word for context, a nuanced skill that depends on vocabulary knowledge which will be thoroughly tested in the verbal reasoning section of the exam - which can be much harder without a review of the most challenging words you may encounter as possible answers. Being organized alphabetically by word root allows you to understand the root to better decode words that are not memorized or already in your common vocabulary. Whether taking the exam while in college, after your undergrad, or with some time in-between, this 6-page laminated guide of those all-important roots and vocabulary words can go anywhere.
6-page laminated guide includes:
  • Over 800 GRE Vocabulary Words
  • Organized Alphabetically by Word Root
  • Top GRE Vocabulary Words
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