Frequently Asked Questions

Does the bookstore carry more than textbooks?

Yes! We sell UW Oshkosh apparel and giftware, school and art supplies, bestsellers and other general interest books, study aids, computer supplies and greeting cards. University Books & More is your main source for official UW Oshkosh apparel and gifts items.

Where are the textbooks located?

The stock on our website is the same product that is in our physical store located in Reeve Memorial union in University Books & More. Our textbook department is open year round in the lower level of the bookstore. For your convenience, Interim & Summer textbooks are stocked in the alcove surrounding the staircase on the main level at the back of the store. 

How does the textbook ordering program work?

We allow students to place orders for their textbooks and some required supplies with our online ordering system within the refund policies of that semester. All of these orders must be paid for online. You can use a credit card or charge to your student account. The orders must be put under the student’s name and only that one student's books can be charged to their account. If picking up orders on campus you must have your order number and your photo ID with you. Charges to student accounts are not seen immediately on your tuition bills. 

You can charge textbooks and required supplies to your student account in our store on campus and on the website for our store. 

To place an order click here

Why aren't there any books listed for my class yet?

This can mean the instructor or department hasn't yet told us what books are needed for your section of a course. It may also mean we are trying to get clarification on information sent in before we post it. 

I ordered “Used” or “Rental Used”, how come I got a new book?

We stock as many used textbooks as we can, whether through buyback or textbook wholesalers. However, used books are not always available. If the professors choose a new edition of the book there may only be new copies available to us. Access codes or packages with access codes are always new and sometimes less expensive to purchase as a new package. Sometimes we can offer a text as a rental for the semester. Rentals are for 1 semster only. If you need the book(s) again will have to purchase the book completely or may be able to rent it again for the next term. Once those are gone we give you the next least expensive option we have available at the time we put your order together. All orders are processed first come first serve.

I ordered 3 books but was only charged for 2. Where is my other book?

Multiple copies of the same or a similar item may have been ordered, if so we will only give one. In instances when that last book hasn’t arrived yet at our store, you will typically either receive another email when it arrives (shipping orders)or will be able to pick it up when you come to campus to pick up your books (pick up at store orders during RUSH).

What does “Choose ____ of ­­­____” mean?

This can mean the instructor has given you the choice of any number of books for a course. Sometimes they are different editions of the same book. Often it means separate pieces of a larger package may be available. It may mean the book is available in different forms; looseleaf versus hardcover as an example. Or that you can purchase a book with the access code or these as 2 separate pieces.

Do I have to ship my books or can I pick them up in the store?

If you ordered directly from us you may choose shipping or pick up on campus depending on the time of year. All shipping orders will be charged a shipping fee. Currently that fee for most orders is $8.00 for the first book/item and $1.00 for each additional book or item. Other than the weekend before and first week of the spring and fall semester orders can be picked up in the textbook department of the store with your order number and your photo ID.

I just placed my order. When will it be ready?

Order fulfillment varies based on store hours, availability of items, and volume of orders. You will receive an email from our system when your order was been processed. You can always track your order by logging into the site to see what was packed and if it may have been completed and you missed the email.

How do I make changes to my order?

You cannot make changes to your order once it has been placed. You will need to contact the bookstore for assistance.

How can I return a textbook?

If you have bought the incorrect text, or dropped a class, etc; please bring your textbook(s) and your receipt (you were given it with your books not when the order was placed) and your photo ID. Refunds are done at the very front of the store at the registers or at customer service desk in the store all other times. Please do not bring books you already paid for into the textbook department of the store. You receive a University Books & More refund policy with every purchase you make. It includes refund policy deadlines. Once these have passed, textbooks are no longer returnable. Consider selling them back at buyback at the end of the semester instead.

How do I return my rental book?

Books rented from University Books & More are due back to the store the Monday following finals by the end of that business day. Bring rented books and your ID, to the registers at the front of the store in Reeve Memorial Union. Any rented items not returned on time and in resellable condition will have a fee charged to their student account. The fee will be the new retail cost of the book minus the already paid rental fee even if the text was rented as a used book. Rental fees are only good for one term. If you need a book for multilple terms they must be purchased outright or some may have the option of being rented again. Books that could be rented one semester may not be available for rental the next. There are NO return labels for rental books. 

To view the bookstore’s return policies please click here

What is buyback?

At the end of all semesters & the start of each spring and fall semesters, you’ll have the opportunity to try to sell your books back for cash.  This is not a refund, it is the opportunity to sell your books after you have used them.  The bookstore takes information the instructors have provided regarding use of books for the following semester and determines if the book will be bought back from the students to reuse in the future. If the same book is being used again, and the bookstore needs more of stock that book, you may be offered up to 50% of the new retail price even if the book wasn’t purchased new or from us. (We can not purchased instructor/desk copies or international copies.) If the bookstore is not able to purchase the book back, you may be offered a reduced price based off of wholesale value and demand from a national wholesaler we have partnered with to help you sell as many of your books as possible. You may choose to accept or decline the cash. Prices are not negotiable. Our buyback windows are located nearest the Algoma entrance in Reeve Memorial Union. Present your books & textbooks at the buyback window. DO NOT try to return rental books here, those must be returned in the store.  Rental books that are sold at buyback can not be recovered. You must have photo ID with you when selling books.

Why is the store not buying back my book?

Reasons vary including: new edition of the book has been selected, it’s a loose-leaf or instructor's/desk, or international copy, the book is too damaged, it needs an access code that is less expensive as a package, the instructor isn’t teaching this class again, is choosing different material, or hasn’t told us what they need for the next semester yet. If any of these occur the national wholesale company may offer a lower price. If there is no wholesale value then a price can’t be offered at buyback. These sometimes change and feel free to try again at another buyback period.

I don’t live on campus, how do I try to sell my books back?

You can mail books to our store and we can hold them until the next retail buyback and try to sell them for you. If there is no value they will be donated or you will need to make arrangements if you would like them back.  Books can be mailed to:

University Books & More
Attn: Textbook Buyback
748 Algoma Blvd
Oshkosh, WI 54901

You can contact us for a form to fill out to be included with your books. Or include your name, student ID number, address, email, and phone number. We must know if you would like a check cut for the total, this may about 8 weeks, or if you want the total as a credit on your student account. Let us know if you want any books back or if we may donate them if they have no value. 

For more information about buyback click here

Do you need to have work study to be employed at the bookstore?

We can hire any university student who is taking six credits or more per semester. We can also hire high school students that are registered as incoming freshman to work the summer before their first semester.

If you have qualified for work study please note that on your application. Your work study dollars will be used first and you can continue working as a student assistant once your work study dollars have been exhausted (depleted).

Please ask for an application at our customer service desk or print one out from our employment page. Positions are posted on Handshake. Include your class schedule with all applications. Please feel free to reapply if your schedule has changed or in a future semester. 

Does the bookstore have sales?

Yes, we have sales during the school year. Check our website and social media pages for our sales and promotions, or visit our store. Sorry, due to the nature of the product, we cannot include textbooks in any sales or promotions.

Check us out on Facebook, Twitter & Instragram where we frequently update regarding sales and other important information.

Do you have any questions we haven’t answered?

Please feel free to email us, or call at (920) 424-0277.
We look forward to hearing from you.