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*Environment: Science, Issues, Solutions (Looseleaf Print Version w/LaunchPad Access Code)

*Environment: Science, Issues, Solutions (Looseleaf Print Version w/LaunchPad Access Code)
Written by bestselling author Manuel Molles and acclaimed science journalist Brendan Borrell, this new textbook gives non-major students the scientific foundation they need to understand environmental issues and think critically about possible solutions. Molles and Borrell make clear the connections between research and real-world problems with a "science/issues/solutions" framework for each chapter. This unique approach reinforces a positive, solutions-based framework for the science, empowering students to feel that they can have an impact on preserving biodiversity, protecting natural resources, addressing pollution hazards, confronting climate change, and more."Environment: Science, Issues, Solutions" is accompanied by its own dedicated version of LaunchPad, an online course space bringing together all of the book s teaching and learning media, including graphing exercises, assignable video activities, and more. Together, the text and LaunchPad provide a seamless learning experience for students, and a reliable assessment mechanism for instructors and programs."
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