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Making the decision to help in an emergency situation is often a difficult choice. Be prepared for emergencies with the help of our CPR & Lifesaving QuickStudy(R) guide. Packed with quickly accessible information on different aspects of lifesaving, this go-to reference will help you respond effectively in an emergency until professional help arrives. Learn how to evaluate a scene, the steps in CPR and AED use, standard precautions, and other essential elements in the chain of survival. This durable, laminated guide also includes illustrations for easy understanding. Keep a copy in your home, with your camping gear, at your office, in your car, etc., so that you will always be prepared.
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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice
Step-by-step outline of the U.S. system for investigating & prosecuting criminal offenses - from arrest to disposition.




Our comprehensive, 3-panel guide examines in detail the many experts and their theories that have made criminology a prominent field of study. Color-coded sections and up-to-date information make learning about this subject a breeze!

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Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence
America's most important document was written on a tight deadline of 17 days by Thomas Jefferson who already had a full schedule. This 6 page laminated guide includes the full declaration with footnotes, but also details surrounding the writing of the document. Small details and very significant global implications truly solidify an understanding and respect for this quintessential step toward this nation becoming the America we know and love.
6-page laminated guide includes:
  • Annotated Full Text
  • Jefferson's Draft Statement on the Slave Trade
  • Timeline of Events
  • Brief Biographies of the 56 Signers
  • Local Declarations Affirming the Call
  • Global Declarations Inspired by the Declaration of Independence
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    This handy reference to core concepts is designed to help students in courses that are a gateway to jobs in engineering and science. Students can find facts fast, maximize study time and increase test scores with our uniquely designed format that offers support for mathematics that are a building block in a highly competitive area.
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    Complete, labeled illustrations of 11 portions of the digestive system.

    Illustrations by award-winning medical illustrator Vincent Perez.

    Chart includes detailed diagrams of:
    - mouth
    - tongue
    - mouth & salivary glands
    - primary teeth
    - digestive system
    - bile & pancreatic duct
    - stomach
    - small intestine
    - large intestine
    - ileocecal sphincter & appendix
    - rectum


    Discrete Math

    Discrete Math
    Skills used in business and also present in most middle & high school math competitions. Computer science is almost entirely built upon this higher-level real world math that teaches reasoning and proof techniques. Often a required course for computer science majors, this 6-page guide is your reference tool for success.

    Suggested uses:
    - Professors/Teachers - tool for continued reference throughout a course, use to build quizzes, for "open-guide" tests, and as support for struggling students
    - Students -quick and easy reference tool, math competitions, review guide for quizzes, tests, exams and homework help
    - Computer Science Majors - a must have for a core principle within your studies
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    Dynamics and the study of motion.


    E/M Coding Calculator

    E/M Coding Calculator
    Quick and easy tool for students and professionals. Whether studying for class or a coding certification test. Use as a quick go-to desk reference for the professional starting out or for the guru that has the ultimate coding toolbox of useful resources.
    6-page laminated guide includes:
  • Standard Steps & Codes for E/M
  • Diagnosis or Symptom
  • Location of the Service
  • Relationship Between Physician & Patient
  • Level of History from Documentation
  • Level of Exam from Documentation
  • Level of Medical Decision Making
  • Choose Code Based on Levels of Key Components
  • When Time Determines the E/M Code
  • Modifiers
  • Special Types of E/M Services
  • HCPCS Level II E/M Services
  • Medicare Documentation Guidelines
  • History
  • Physical Examination
  • Medical Decision Making
  • Suggested uses:
  • Students - handy reference that is compact and easily reviewed on a daily basis
  • Certification - great quick review tool for certification testing
  • Coding Professionals - a quick reference memory refresher
  • Medical Administration - training tool for coding or non-coding staff
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    Earth Science

    Earth Science
    The ultimate reference guide to the all-encompassing essential science of earth that includes geology, meteorology, oceanography and astronomy. The amount and variety of facts covered makes our expertly written and designed guide a perfect fit to increase understanding, test scores and grades for students while offering the earth-conscious and space-lovers out there handy facts about our planet systems underground, on the surface, in our sky, and into space. These 6 durably laminated pages with colorful illustrations, diagrams, tables and graphs pack more facts per page than you'll find anywhere for high-value quality knowledge, better grades and planet awareness at an unbeatable price.
    6 page laminated guide includes:
  • Astronomy
  • Components of Study
  • The Four Spheres
  • Gravity & Orbital Motion
  • The Earth
  • The Moon
  • Structures of the Earth
  • History of the Earth
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Earthquakes & Volcanoes
  • Types of Rocks
  • Igneous Rocks
  • Metamorphic Rocks
  • Sedimentary Rocks
  • Minerals, Ores & Crystals
  • Hydrosphere
  • Water Cycle & Moving Water
  • Energy & Discharge
  • Profile
  • Base Level
  • Work of Streams
  • Mass Wasting
  • Competence & Capacity
  • Deposition
  • Natural Levees & Stream Valleys
  • Resistant Beds, Rapids & Waterfalls
  • Meanders & Oxbow Lakes
  • Wide Valleys
  • Drainage Patterns
  • Groundwater Depletion & Contamination
  • Springs, Caves & Caverns
  • Atmosphere
  • Atmospheric Composition
  • Atmospheric Layers
  • Wind
  • Clouds
  • Meteorology
  • Climate
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