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Until further notice, the Bookstore and Convenience Store will remain CLOSED.

We are still working through what the process will be for both buyback and returning rental books. As details get finalized, every student will be emailed with information regarding the process. Keep an eye on your email in the coming weeks.

Commencement attire: A University committee is currently discussing details for Commencement. As soon as those details are known, University Books & More will assist students in navigating the cap and gown ordering process.

Meet the Staff

University Books & More and Corner Convenience Store

Kathy Kaltenbach

Bookstore & Convenience Store
Clothing Manager/Buyer
Licensing Director
Tel: (920) 424-1237

Thomas Wolf
Assistant Bookstore Director
General Merchandise &
Corner Convenience Store Manager
Tel: (920) 424-0233

Nikki Stoll
Assistant Bookstore Director
Course Materials Manager
Tel: (920) 424-1236

Ryan Phillipson
Assistant Convenience Store Manager
Front End Operations Supervisor
Tel: (920) 424-3183 

Jennifer Nason
Assistant Course Materials Manager
Tel: (920) 424-2385

Wendy Van Ahn
Administrative Assistant to Director
Tel: (920) 424-2381

Stephanie Hellmann 
Administrative Assistant to Director
Tel: (920) 424-3458

Mark Wallintin
General Merchandise Buyer
Tel: (920) 424-3442
Emily Selk Loper 
Course Materials Receiving
General Books
Tel: (920) 424-3366
Nicole Bourassa
Tel: (920) 424-2262
Jan Kossel
Cash Accountant
Tel: (920) 424-0493
Aly Madel 
Marketing and Design
Tel: (920) 424-3450