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Store History

University Books & More is a self-sustaining entity. No tuition or tax dollars are used to support the bookstore operation. Our revenue must cover all debts and expenses, just like a business in the private sector.

In 1969, following a student referendum and approval by the faculty senate, student senate, and student assembly, UW Oshkosh switched from a textbook rental program to textbook purchase and the University Bookstore was born.

From 1970-1985, we were the Union Bookstore, located in Reeve Memorial Union, and sold clothing, supplies, sundries, greeting cards, and gifts. A separate store in Blackhawk Commons sold textbooks.

On July 28, 1982, a fire destroyed the textbook store in Blackhawk Commons and a temporary store opened in the Facilities Management building. This temporary store was used until July 29, 1985, when a completely renovated University Bookstore re-opened in Blackhawk Commons, housing the entire bookstore operation in one location.

In October of 2001, the newly re-named University Books & More moved back to a renovated and expanded Reeve Memorial Union. The new student union contains a large number of retail services, including the bookstore and Corner Convenience Store, in one convenient location. The move allowed us to expand virtually every department, with the textbook department occupying the lower level and all other merchandise on the main floor.

The Corner Convenience Store in Reeve Memorial Union is owned and operated by University Books & More.